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Toddler nursing is not a big deal

I don’t want you to think this is a breastfeeding blog, which it isn’t, but for my third post I feel compelled to comment on the “The debate” in Today’s Parent this month. If you haven’t seen it, TP’s September … Continue reading

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Parents need more support not more information

This might sound odd coming from someone who has made his living in the parenting information business for 20 years, but I think that our society is betting to heavily on information as the way to improve parenting.  I’m not … Continue reading

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My take on Feeding Frenzy. Why suppressing the promotion of infant formula has nothing to do with shaming mothers.

Welcome to my first English blog post. After resisting the blogosphere for years, I was persuaded by a Serbian friend to do some blogging on her site (she translates my posts into Serbian.). But this is my first foray into … Continue reading

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