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Swaddling. Is it a “crutch?” No, but even if it is, parents need crutches

It never ceases to amaze me how, for almost any parenting technique or strategy you could name, it’s possible to find a professional naysayer.  The latest example is swaddling, which several professionals came out against in an article in yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Does sleep training really cause no long term harm? Maybe, but this study doesn’t doesn’t prove it.

When I blogged last week about the study which supposedly showed that sleep training  via Ferberizing, cry it out, controlled crying, controlled comforting –  whatever you want to call it – has no long term ill effects on children, I … Continue reading

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Yes Virginia, fathers have hormones too

Here’s yet another study that shows that being a father, or more to the point, acting like one, affects men’s hormones. This one was a study of Filipino fathers, led by Lee Gettler, a former student of James McKenna, the … Continue reading

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The most outrageous expert comment I’ve ever seen

Today  I read the worst parent oriented advice quote I’ve ever seen. “Positive stress creates growth in the child, in the form of coping skills and frustration tolerance that serve to be critically important throughout the life span.” This quote … Continue reading

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The most fascinating and important autism study in recent years

I believe that a recent Canadian study on DIR/Floortime therapy, which I wrote about in the September issue of Today’s Parent may  be the most important autism study in recent years. In order to understand this blog, I’d suggest you … Continue reading

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