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Eek! Even more thoughts on sleep training and night waking.

Now I’m going to tell you why a 58-year-old guy, whose kids are all over 20, is still wading into debates about night waking and sleep training. I’m not so much concerned about what individual parents decide they need to … Continue reading

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Wakeful baby? Chin up, it may mean you’re a good mom

One thing that fascinates me about the world of academic studies is the findings that don’t get reported, or at least, are not emphasized by researchers and thus, are not reported in media stories.  This happened with the Temple University study … Continue reading

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Self-soothing. Possibly the biggest lie ever foisted on parents

It figures it would be the latest propaganda about baby sleep that would wake me from my blogging slumber. This time it was news reports of a study by Dr. Marsha Weinraub, a psychologist at Temple University. In an article … Continue reading

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