The new, or more to the point, real normal of baby sleep

I’m working on another post, the next, and, who knows, possibly final chapter in my self-soothing saga. I hope to have that up in a day or two.

In  the meantime I wanted to alert you to a series of blogs that you may find interesting and helpful. Shortly after the first of two recent studies came out claiming to show conclusively that sleep training methods were not harmful (I blogged about it last September), I connected with an interesting group of researchers and parent educators who came together to work on some responses to this shoddy research and the mindless, gullible media coverage it got. One of our actions has been to work collectively on some articles and blogs that offer parents a different, and we think, more supportive way of thinking about infant sleep and night waking.  Some of those blogs have been posted on Darcia Narvaez’s Moral Landscapes blog on the Psychology Today website.  The latest one is on what  normal  infant sleep really looks like. Others cover baby calming and mistakes that researchers make. Have a look


About uncommonjohn

I am one of Canada's top parenting writers. My areas of expertise and interest include debunking bad parenting advice (especially about sleep), self-regulation, fatherhood, child development, children's mental health, childbirth and breastfeeding.
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