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I am one of Canada's top parenting writers. My areas of expertise and interest include debunking bad parenting advice (especially about sleep), self-regulation, fatherhood, child development, children's mental health, childbirth and breastfeeding.

A Father’s Grief

This is a reposting of my latest fatherhood blog for Dad Central Ontario. Paternal grief is an important, but neglected subject, so I thought I’d post the blog here as well. ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. At their very last routine prenatal check up, … Continue reading

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Postpartum depression is a Dad Thing Too

OK. So it’s my first Uncommon Sense blog post in over a year.  In case anybody wonders about my absence, I’ve been blogging for other people, particularly Dad Central Ontario. My most recent blog for DCO was about postpartum depression … Continue reading

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The Researcher Who Help Coined the Term Self-Soothing Weighs In

Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that Dr. Thomas Anders himself, whose e-mail I quoted in my original blog post about the myth of self-soothing (as one of the inventors of the term), made a comment on one of my … Continue reading

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More about self-soothing

I got a really interesting question from a reader today in response to something I said in my two- part blog Real Self Soothing.  Here’s her question. Hi – really enjoying these posts on the myth of self soothing. I … Continue reading

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Pregnant Moms! Get Your Husband to Read This!

Want to be a good dad? The best way to start is by being a good partner to the mother of your children. Yes, the relationship you have with your children is very important. But the social support you provide … Continue reading

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Sleep training techniques that allegedly teach “self-soothing” don’t work for half the parents who try them: newly published study.

Regular readers of this blog know of my disdain for the term self-soothing when used in the context of “teaching” babies to sleep through the night. They also know that one of my big concerns about sleep training methods that involve … Continue reading

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Alfie Kohn is right!

This morning I read a nice little article that you just might want to print out and stick on your fridge to read when you’re discouraged. It’s an interview with Alfie Kohn, published in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. I’ve … Continue reading

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Bringing some much needed levity to the discussion of how the media is “wrecking” parents

Someone was kind enough to forward me the link to a New Yorker article that may just put smiles on the faces of parents who are frustrated with the media. The study it references seems to be a hoax. But … Continue reading

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It’s Not Parents Who Need to Relax. It’s The Hotheads Who Give Them Advice

I feel sorry for young parents today. I really do. There’s never been a time when the world was so full of advice givers, all competing for your attention, all trying to outdo each other with the alleged crucial importance … Continue reading

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Bedsharing per se is not dangerous. The headline you didn’t read

Note added July 16, 2014 For those of you who may have seen news reports in mid-July of 2014 about a new study that allegedly reinforces the risks of bed-sharing and are wondering if that study negates what I’m saying … Continue reading

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